Spend 28% less to acquire new customers

51% more customers will take positive action on your site (this one's the holy grail!)

52% increase in your return on investment


Remarketing is Your First Chance At Making a Second Impression

Remarketing is an incredibly cost effective way to stay in touch with potential customers who have previously visited your site. Best of all, remarketing is automatic, keeping your ads in front of customers as they surf the web.

But here’s the best part!

Less than 10% of your competitors even know this gem exists! Advertising with the display network is an opportunity for you to get a jump-start on your competition because most advertisers are more comfortable using text ads.
Remarketing weeds out the “tire kickers” and gets you right in front of the buyers. There’s no better way to get your message laser-focused right where you want it at exactly the right time.

Adding Fuel to your sales funnel

People who abandon shopping carts are a highly targeted group who are ready to buy. Setting up a remarketing campaign an effective way to recapture marketing dollars spent driving traffic that doesn’t convert. Remarketing to these visitors provides another chance to gain their trust.

Set Your Conversions On Auto-Pilot

With remarketing, it’s important to create specific ads for each of your audiences who are in different phases of their purchasing decision. For example, when a visitor abandons a shopping cart on your site, remarketing allows you to display a highly targeted ad for the exact product they almost purchased.
Offering a discount or additional service may be all it takes to turn a no-sale into a profitable order. There are many ways to segment these qualified customers into unique campaigns. Remarketing allows you to position ads based on product category, product value and visitor trends, just to name a few.

Turbo Charge Your ROI

Here’s the bottom line – Remarketing can increase your ROI by targeting the right visitor at the right time with the right ad. You’ve already invested marketing dollars getting traffic to your site. So why not target these previous visitors and increase your ROI instead of simply reaching out to brand new potential customers?
Remarketing provides you with an opportunity to re-engage your site visitor and boost your bottom line.



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