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Landing page design is the single most important factor in a successful AdWords campaign

A landing page is a single page within a website or a PPC standalone page designed to capture a visitor’s interest and attention along with their contact information via a lead form. An effective landing page will be narrowly focused and address a particular customer need.

The perfect page is highly targeted, and eliminates all other distractions in favor of a compelling service or replacement offer attached to lead capture form. This format will convert 200, 300, up to 600% of your website visitors into leads that will funnel into revenue.


6 critical elements of a high converting landing page:

1. A  strong and compelling opening headline and follow-up sub-headline

2. Avoid dull and lifeless content and “commodity phrases” that lack value

3. Build desire by offering social proof of unique promises and guarantees you offer

4. Strong calls to action placed 2-3 times within the content and as the closing thought

5. A properly designed “Lead-Gen” box placed very prominently well above the fold.

6. Pages are simple and clutter-free while remaining tightly focused on the primary customer need


To continue a successful campaign, adwords requires ongoing testing, reporting and adjusting.

We understand that great partnerships require great “karma”. We love working with clients who believe the same.

Our ideal client has a basic understanding that paid search advertising is a commitment and is willing to invest the time & resources necessary to produce effective and proven results.

Monthly Traffic Budget
  • Up to $1,700
  • $1,701 – $4,000
  • $4,001 – $7,000
  • $7,001 – $10,000
  • $10,001 – $14,000
  • $14,001– $19,000
  • $19,001 – $26,000
  • $26,001 – $36,000
  • $36,001 – $46,000
  • $46,001 – $56,000
  • $56,000+
Management Fee
  • $855.00
  • $1085.00
  • $1581.00
  • $2083.00
  • $2468.00
  • $2778.00
  • $4018.00
  • $4948.00
  • $5816.00

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Here’s Our Rock Solid, 100% Money Back Guarantee

It is our highest priority as a company to not only satisfy our customers but to exceed their expectations. We believe that a no-risk money back guarantee (or, our “30 Day Risk-Free Test Drive”) speaks for the confidence we have in our ability to help our clients meet their goals. Simply put, we remove all risk that is present with any new client / agency relationship. We want our customers to feel comfortable in doing business with Triple Your Clicks, Inc.

If for any reason you feel that our efforts have not met your expectations within the first 30 days, we will be happy to refund all management fees paid to Triple Your Clicks, Inc. Of course, this refund excludes all charges paid to Google. If a refund is requested, we will return your accounts to their original state before working with us, and your management fees will be refunded – no questions asked.

This Company policy furthers our commitment to building lasting relationships based on trust and transparency.