Does it worry you that your lack of marketing for mobile device users is frustrating your customers and costing you money?

If not, it should!

First, here are a few eye-opening facts:

  • After China & India, the US is the 3rd largest mobile market
  • Mobile commerce is forecasted to reach 31 billion by 2016
  • 67% of shoppers agree that a mobile site makes them more likely to buy a product or use a service.
  • 40% of a user’s internet time is spent on a mobile device
  • Mobile searches are predicted to surpass desktop searches in 2014

Advertisers who continue to treat mobile searchers the same as their desktop searchers are guaranteed to lose customers to their competition. For now, most websites are missing this opportunity. You have a unique advantage to gain an advantage when you serve mobile device users with a message that will format properly on their smart phone or tablet. 
Remember, 67% of mobile shoppers agree that they are more likely to buy if the experience is convenient.

Get a head-start on your competition.

With the rapid increase of mobile smart phone technology and ever-changing innovation, many business are missing this opportunity to take advantage of the explosive growth in mobile device usage.

Who better than Google knows search
behavior and future trends?

Google’s most recent upgrade to Enhanced Campaigns is a true sign of the times. Their new platform has opened the door to advertisers previously shying away from mobile marketing. The previous Legacy platform has been revised to be reduced the time and expense required of advertisers.


The new AdWords mobile device interface makes mobile marketing more cost-effective than ever for our customers.

Location, Location, Location… Can Your Mobile Customers Find Directions To Your Business In Less Than 1 Minute?

Here’s how it works in the everyday world  – Imagine you’re on your smart phone and you remember a co-worker telling you about this great new jazz club. You happen to be in the area but aren’t exactly sure where the establishment is located. So your co-pilot does a quick search on their mobile device.
You click and land on a website that displays miniscule text, a bewildering list of options and all you want is a simple map or phone number. Meanwhile, you miss your turn and the window of opportunity is rapidly being closed. Don’t let this happen to your business!

Now lets imagine the same scenario only this time you view a Google search results page and click the link to this great jazz club. Front and center you see a convenient link to a map or the option to click-to-call. Here the advertiser is providing a simple solution by serving up exactly what the searcher wants at that moment.

40% of searches on a mobile device have a local intent, meaning the searcher is simply looking for directions or a phone number.
Mobile marketing is a big part of what we focus on here at Triple Your Clicks. We have a unique approach in how we analyze and make recommendations based on proven techniques that focus on your customer’s intent.
Adwords mobile targeting options let advertisers display convenient options, including click-to-call buttons and location maps, making it easier for customers to purchase.
Mobile marketing makes finding your business fast and easy for your customers. Pull ahead of your competition with simple and effective access to your website

Mobile marketing is a big part of what we focus on here at Triple Your Clicks. We have a unique approach to how we analyze and make recommendations, focusing proven techniques your customer’s behavior.

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