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What is the Google Display Network?

Google’s display network (GDN) allows advertisers to show text, image & video ads to over 2 million websites including, Youtube, Gmail, mobile and Blogger. The GDN serves up over 180 billion ad impressions a month and its reach is around 80% of the total online searchers.
Adding the display network to your marketing mix can increase brand awareness, conversions and your return on investment. The average click-through rate of an ad on the Google Display Network is 0.4%.
This is four times as high as the average banner ad in the US and almost ten times as high as a Facebook ad. Plus, display Network clicks are, on average, over 28% less expensive than Search Network clicks.
Get Triple The Clicks

Precise Ad Targeting Options

The Google Display Network (GDN) allows you to target the type of websites you would like your image and text ads to appear, you can choose keyword contextual targeting, topics and interests, location, and demographics targeting.
You also have the option of excluding certain websites where you don’t want your ads to show. To give you an example of how this works, If you’re on a website about NYC hotels, you’re likely to see image and/or text ads about travel, such as an ad for Delta Airlines.
Get Triple The Clicks

Improve ROI

Because GDN allows you to “cherry pick” where you want your ads to show, you have better control of your budgetary spending. The performance data tells you which websites perform better than others, allowing you to bid higher on the better performing websites and back down your bid or eliminate entirely the lower performing sites.
Regularly running placement reports and weeding out non-relevant sites will drastically improve your marketing results within the GDN.
Get Triple The Clicks

Eliminate 90% of your competition

Advertising within  the display network is an opportunity for you to get a jump-start on your competition because most advertisers are more comfortable using text ads as opposed to image ads. So, only one out of 10 advertisers create and test different image ads.
That means that if you should decide to jump in and start advertising on the Google Display Network (GDN), you only have to compete with one tenth of the competition. It’s always nice to find a competitive edge but like anything, it won’t last forever.
“Remarketing” within the display network is gaining popularity in avalanche proportions so don’t be left behind.  Learn more about remarketing here.



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