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Contractor Marketing – Can Video REALLY Influence Buying Decisions?

Contractor Marketing – Can Video REALLY Influence Buying Decisions? By Michael Haines – Founder of   Video marketing is either going to happen to you, or for you. Remember when contractors resisted the trend toward websites in the early to mid 2000’s? Well, it’s happening again only this time its video… Google is reporting…

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HVAC Marketing – 4 Reasons You Are Pushing Visitors Away From Your Website

HVAC Marketing – 4 Reasons Why Your Website is Pushing Visitors Away Does Your Website Give Your Visitors Compelling Reasons to Stay? All HVAC contractors need traffic. The more the better. Right? Well, yes and no. Yes, because qualified traffic offers you the opportunity to turn visitors into customers. No, because higher conversion rates can…

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  Stop Paying For Stupid Clicks Google AdWords Keyword Discovery Process For HVAC Contractors   Learn how to turn AdWords search traffic into pure gold while avoiding costly errors       1. HVAC keyword phrases should be supported by useful and relevant content. For example, an HVAC contractor found that many people came to their…

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Warning: These 8 Common AdWords Mistakes May Be Siphoning Away Up To 78% of Your Budget.

  We’ve all heard it – Google AdWords doesn’t work, it’s too expensive, too complicated, etc. That’s not surprising considering every year thousands of business owners tackle AdWords without a solid (or even a basic) understanding of the fundamentals. A recent study finds small businesses unnecessarily waste 25% of their PPC marketing budget It’s not difficult…