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  • HVAC industry approach to AdWords campaign management
  • Custom designed, high converting landing pages
  • HVAC marketing for contractors with 6 years experience in AdWords management
  • 100% call tracking and recording – we monitor calls and offer helpful call-handling guidance
  • Focus on getting the most customers for the money

Helping Contractors Succeed Since 2011 Using Old-School Values: Dedication, Transparency & World-Class Service 

Knowing the in’s and out’s of Google AdWords and web marketing is one thing, but having an intimate knowledge of HVAC and home heating and air conditioning comfort products is the real game changer.

Plus, our 6 years of hands-on HVAC Marketing & AdWords management adds an entirely new element in our ability to help fellow HVAC contractors succeed. We understand in great detail how your HVAC customers shop online, what buttons you have to push and which strings you have to pull to get their attention.

Our services work equally well for all home services trades for electricians, plumbers, roofers, appliance repair and many others.

Our program is 100% guaranteed, backed by our 30 Day Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee! With our selected HVAC contractor partners, we lower your cost per lead or you the last month is free!

Discover how effective the right local search strategy can be for your HVAC business in driving service and replacement leads with our HVAC Marketing AdWords Management Program.


HVAC AdWords Strategies Uniquely Designed For HVAC Marketing

Target Mobile Customers That Are Ready To Buy

  • Ad targeting campaigns designed with mobile search users in mind
  • We drive traffic to your exclusive, custom designed landing pages that are proven to convert up to 600% better
  • Show ads designed for Smart Phone users
  • Create highly visible offers that perfectly format the device and meet the searchers needs
  • Create ads that are super simple for your mobile searchers to respond to
  • Keyword Bid Strategies designed to maximize your ROI from Mobile Ads

Local Market-Modified Keywords, Ads and Settings Designed for Your Market

  • HVAC marketing keywords with local modifiers (cities / zip codes) are key to local success
  • We focus your ads on the primary intent of the searchers in your market
  • You decide the exact service area you want to target, showing ads only to your preferred customers.
  • Ad spend is not wasted on users outside your service area.

Custom Ad Creation Designed Specifically to Solve the Immediate Needs of Your HVAC Customers

  • System replacement customers
  • Demand service customers
  • Maintenance customers
  • Duct Cleaning or other services you wish to promote

Benefits you’ll Receive With Any of Our HVAC AdWords Marketing Programs:

Tracking all customer calls and emails

We carefully track those visitors to your site that call or email you (known as a “conversion”).  We know which ads and keywords generated these conversions so we can refine and focus our effort in the most productive areas. 
It’s crucial that you know exactly what keywords and ads are creating profitable sales for your site.

Google Certified and Experienced HVAC Specialists

Our AdWords certified specialists are HVAC marketing experts and have undergone not only a comprehensive in-house training program, but have years of experience actually building sales and traffic to HVAC Contractors.
Why trust a classroom trainee when you can have an experienced HVAC Marketing agency get you on the first page of google and stay there longer?
Our well-trained staff not only has the day-to day experience you need, but we have passed the rigorous exams required to gain Google Certification.
Your single point of contact is well-versed in all aspects of AdWords HVAC marketing.
Google Adwords Expert

Click-to-Call Links Directly in your Google Mobile Ads

Our extensive data analysis and HVAC marketing research has found that searchers from mobile devices convert better and have a greater sense of urgency that searches generated from any other device.
In fact, 67% of shoppers agree that a mobile site makes them more likely to buy a product or use a service. And, mobile searches are predicted to surpass desktop searches in 2014.
Why not give your smartphone mobile prospects a simple click-to-call feature?

Competitor, Market and Industry Research

To obtain the best possible result from your HVAC AdWords marketing campaigns, your account manager must understand your industry, your business, and the needs of your customers.
This requires industry experience that outsiders simply don’t possess. We carefully research where the competitors in your market are falling short and exploit these opportunities on your behalf.
This knowledge and insight into strategic placement of your business is just one of the many ways we develop highly successful HVAC Marketing AdWords campaigns.
Having good insight into your particular market is key in developing successful AdWords campaigns.
Google Adwords Pro

Targeted Keyword Selection That Generates Leads and Sales

HVAC Marketing Keyword Selection and Ad Creation are the Essential to Success We use proprietary methods in our HVAC keyword selection. The keywords that get the best results are rarely easy to find.
Our keyword selection process is tailored to be uniquely suited for the needs of HVAC contractors.
We’ve found that the right keywords are rarely intuitive and almost all keyword selection tools simply generate random keywords that will drive expensive, unqualified traffic.
The wrong keywords will simply cost you money without generating any sales whatsoever.
We will carefully select keywords that have a history of lead creation and sales for your business. We’ll leave the guesswork to others.

Updated Monthly Reports That are easy To Understand

The creation of your AdWords account is just the beginning. While proper initial setup is crucial, the ongoing day-to-day analysis of performance is where the rubber meets the road.
We monitor and fine-tune the critical aspects that we know are critical to success. We report to you the following:

  • The number of potential customers who see your ads in the Google listings network
  • The number and percentage who actually click
  • The average amount each click is costing you
  • The percentage of clicks that actually convert by emailing or calling you
  • The best performing areas of your account, along with the least performing
  • Adjustments we’ve made based on actual account performance

You’ll be kept up to date as to the performance of all critical areas of your account using simple, easy to understand language.

We’ll show you how to easily track the ROI your AdWords budget is generating, giving you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your money is well spent.

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It is our highest priority as a company to not only satisfy our customers but to exceed their expectations. We believe that a no-risk, guaranteed management program using our proprietary AdWords Traffic Generation System speaks for the confidence we have in our ability to help our HVAC and contractor clients meet their goals. Simply put, we remove all risk that is present with any new client / agency relationship. We want our customers to feel comfortable in doing business with Triple Your Clicks.

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