A local roofing contractor was using a national ad agency that was casting this client’s net too wide based on their AdWords budget. This agency was spreading the roofing contractor’s marketing efforts too thin to the point of achieving very little success.
In addition, monthly spend was coming in way over budget because the campaigns were not optimized for conversions. But the worst mistake of all was that all AdWords ads were directed to a single page website.


We focused our efforts on advanced targeting capabilities which allowed us to set a target radius no more than 10 miles from their office. This established their desired service area by eliminating ads shown outside this radius. 
To optimize for conversions and drive quality traffic to their site; we created additional landing pages, one for each of their best selling, most profitable products.

Next, we re-organized all ad groups to focus on only the best converting keywords. New ads were created using compelling, well crafted offers designed to grab the attention of potential clients. We paused all poorly performing keywords that fell within the bottom 80% of results.


Here are the results we were able to achieve for this client:

  1. Traffic was up 82%
  2. Average cost per click was reduced by 48%
  3. Conversion rate improved a remarkable 212%
  4. Cost-per-conversion was reduced by 70%.
  5. Monthly budget never exceeded their desired level


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